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Team Style is about settings of "team strategies”. PES used to attach less importance to "organizational defence” however your team will have team discipline for organized defence by adjusting Team Style sliders between 0 and 100. Harder defence naturally requires more strategic, organised moves among attackers to beat such defence. Therefore Team Style sliders cover not just defence but also attacks.

Attack strategies

Player Support

When set to 100, your teammates around the ball holder move upfield (more forward) to receive a pass. In other words, your teammates will place themselves in more attacking positions. Contrary, when set to 0, your teammates tend to stay behind of the ball holder, place themselves in more defensive positions.

Support Range 

When set to 0, your teammates spread wide on the pitch. Naturally this is good for long passing but not for short passes. When set to 100, your teammates get closer to the ball holder, making short passes easy.

Position Switch

When set to 0, players try to get back to their positions they supposed to be rather than trying to switch positions. When set to 100, once position switched, the player keep moving on a switched position until it goes out of play.

Attacking style

When set to 0, the team play wide, attack from the sides. When set to 100, the team attack through centre

Defence strategies


When set to 100, your team as a whole apply pressure aggressively. When set to 0, move back instead and try to delay opposition attack.

Defensive Line

When set to 100, your defence line will be kept high. When set to 0, your defence line will drop back. It would be an idea to set this slider first, adjust other defensive sliders later accordingly.


When set to 0, your teammates will move away from the opposition ball holder drift to the side to cover wider. When set to 100, your teammates will get closer to opposition ball holder.

Defensive Strategy

You make a choice from 2 options here.

One is Line defence and the other is Covering defence with one defender left for covering other defenders.

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