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From Russian & Ukrainian Fan community to the developers of Pro Evolution Soccer

Dear developers! Here are some aspects of the game we would like to draw your attention to, as well as suggestions you might find useful. As the representatives of Russian & Ukrainian PES fan community, we have gathered information on what features and innovations the users would like to see. Hopefully, the results will be considered valuable.

Below, there are specific parts of the game and gameplay with explanations on them.

  • FOULS: more variety in the challenges, more mild fouls with no yellow card penalties, adequate decisions from the referee, fully executed fair-play system.
  • SPEED: also needs variety, with movement speed increases and decreases, quicker work on the ball (especially at the receiving moment), faster passing. Also, many users request taking away the issue with one player stumbling on another while trying to reach the ball.
  • ENDURANCE: adding the recovery system, so that the player couldn't run at full speed from the 1st minute to the 60th, and get completely wiped out after that. Basically, it means making a certain limit for a player to sprint at high speeds, so he can save power to still make those sprints at the late stage of the game. Which makes sense in real football.
  • SHOTS: making the accurate shot attempts less broken4 add some variety to the way the shots are performed. Also, if possible, decreasing the power of a shot while still preserving the 'bite'. Uhm. It's hard to explain, yeah
  • ONLINE MODE: adding points according to the chosen control system (more points for those who use manual control, less for those with automatic). Enhanced online-connection is a necessity. Personal records on playing online against different users.
  • LICENSES: We know it's hard, and it has always been, but again, people do want to see J-League, Russian Premier League and Ukrainian Premier League. We're not pushing, just saying.
  • MENU: More options added to the Match Settings and Game Plan. Maybe look back to older versions, there definitely was some fun stuff there with arrows and whatnot.
  • OPTIMIZATION: The game needs to be fully functional at the moment it is released. Not that there should be no later patches or DLC's or anything, but major problems that make game unplayable should be avoided.
  • PHYSICS: enhanced ball movement and physical contact systems; quicker moving goalkeepers; faster ball control (no, for real, it's not that hard to lift a leg), immediate accelerations (for faster players, of course), players' physique actually playing role.
  • MECHANICS: it's repeating ourselves again, but it's way too important. Quicker and easier movements. Of the ball and players both.
  • MISC: more stadiums. At least more or less similar prototypes.
  • AI/GAME BALANCE: Playing styles closely resembling those of the top teams; more variety in the ways of finishing the attack (like one-on-one situations, with both strikers and keepers making decisions according to each other's , other players around, and their own positions, so the player can strike the ball directly into the right or left corner, or lift it above the keeper, or perform a feint, or whatever he likes, while the keeper himself just jumps out into striker's feet and falls down, or predicts him to keep moving and stand on his feet. Et cetera). More intense movements in the central zone with struggling and tackling. The stoppers not losing their position during an attack from either flank, keeping a close eye on the incoming strikers and actually trying to block them, not just standing nearby. Bigger injury risk after being dangerously attacked. The AI realizing the importance of the late-game goal and acting accordingly, whether it's needed to score one or protect the lead. A smarter AI-controlled coach, who makes decisions based on current situations, as well as players who might memorize a common move used by the same player and try to prevent it later.
  • SKILLS: Balance. Quicker goalkeepers. An obvious class difference between stronger and weaker teams, but based on the teams play, not individual player's abilities! The difference should be seen in passing and movement, understanding teammates, not in certain players ability to dribble through the whole defense line.
  • ANIMATIONS: There's no need to explain much. Just make players and spectators alive. So that we can believe it. More emotions, more nerve, more drama, if necessary.
  • CONTROLS: Enhanced response. Immediate, as a perfect option. Adding power to a shot or a cross with a second push (it's really hard to regulate the power on a first try, please get that feature back!), performing stronger shots by pressing the UP button; a better distribution for through balls. In the Become a Legend Mode - split the possibility to ask for a pass into a direct ball and through ball, and specify a button for each.
  • GAME CODE: decrease the script influence as much as possible. The randomness of previous parts was beyond beautiful. Take out the issues with players just stopping without an apparent reason, give users the opportunity to control the direction of player's movements while performing scripted challenges, like feints. Sometimes it feels like the players are a wagon on a railroad, only able to move one direction.
  • MODES: MyClub: there's a need to reassess the rate of creating the Dream Team. Adding International Challenge, Random Selection Match. Bringing back Penalty kick mode and the Community mode. Adding transfers to MyClub, activate the Auction mode. Add online filters, such as Region or Team Power. More action in Master League and Become a Legend modes (just playing match after match after match seems pointless, where's the contact with the team and fans? Where's the support from teammates and the coach, where's the club President telling you he wants you to win the Champions league? More challenge and more motivation are a must). Also, addition of the Hall Of Fame-like modes would be nice as well. Oh, and the feature that makes it possible to simulate the end of the BaL-match after your player was substituted is gonna be actually really good, because, you know... we don't do anything, which is kinda lame.
  • EDITOR: Full stadium editor. With a lot of options. Access to a feature of posting the content you created online for other players to use.
  • TRAINING: Implement a system of worked out combinations to use in a match. Not programmed by the AI, but created by users himself.
  • ATMOSPHERE: No black screens. More angles for repeats. Dynamic weather that actually is reflected on the field with intense rain making the field slippery, low shots more dangerous and the ball much harder for the keeper to catch; intense sunlight causing players to tire out faster; cold snowy weather making tackles more painful, etc.

Well, at the end of this message we would like to add a bit of personal opinion - people once loved this game for what it had been before. It was easy to enjoy, very atmospheric, energetic, diverse, its gameplay was perfectly balanced the menu was simple to understand and navigate, the response was instant, the players were actually doing what the user wanted them to do. Coupled with greatly generated Master League mode, a lot of angles, tons of cut-scenes it made up a perfect game to play, which didn't nearly have the graphics and engine the game has now, but somehow felt much more realistic. We do hope that there is a way to get those emotions back, that there is a way to go forward while preserving the best from the past, that there is a way to make a user launch the game and sit there playing it for good 6-8 hours - maybe challenging people just like him, maybe training, maybe even creating his own team.

There is an army of devoted fans out there, waiting for another masterpiece to come out for them. They know perfectly you have chosen the way you want to go further, and they'll be there for you. The only thing they ever asked is to make the game with your hearts. And they know you can do it, since you've done it before. Not once.

Also, It's very important to point out that we don't expect you to take everything into account for the upcoming PES 2016 game. We understand that this game is most probably not gonna change the course it took. But if there are ideas you find interesting for further games, we would be happy to know we actually did something to help you.

With most respect, on behalf of peswe.com, peskomment.ru, pesonline.com.ua and the others, EvoPES, the Russian PES Fan community.

Thank you!

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1 Ivan Bošković • 16:29, 25 Ноября 2017 [Материал]
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